What is the VESTAGENT System?

VESTATE's Innovative Commission and Recruitment Model

With Vestagent, we redefine the landscape of real estate trading. In a traditional setting, mediators receive commissions for their contributions according to discretion of the buyer and seller. However, Vestagent stands apart from the norm, introducing a revolutionary system where mediators are recognized and profited no matter what for their crucial role in property transactions.

Our unique approach sets us apart in the real estate sphere: In Vestagent, participants are the most important stakeholders for the future of the Vestate. We believe in acknowledging and incentivizing every participant, ensuring that mediators, alongside agents and brokers, receive their fair share of commissions.

Commission from Sales

Country-Specific Commissions: In the VESTATE model, the total commission percentage on real estate sales is dynamically tailored to each country's practices, acknowledging the global diversity in real estate transactions. Percentages may vary due to countries. This integration reflects our commitment to creating a truly global platform, ensuring that each country's real estate commission rates are considered—an aspect often overlooked in online systems.

Distribution of Commission: At least 50% of the total commission goes to the frontline agents who close the sale, as a standart income for their direct efforts. This percentage changes incrementally as their revenue thresholds which will be designated by Vestate. 40% of the total commission is spared to the agent’s brokers, and the platform retains a flat 10% of the total commission for operational and technological support. Percentages may vary due to conditions of the season and the market. Vestate ensures that not only real estate agents but also anyone facilitating the buying and selling process receives a share.

Basis of The Commission System: At Vestate, all users are our stakeholders. Our stakeholders are rewarded based on superior performance along with the commissions they receive in proportion to their contributions to the ecosystem. Vestate does not use a commission system based on network expansion, but rather a commission strategy dependent on a person's effort and sales ability, based on perceived and comparative analysis of near- and long-term goals to determine premiums.

Authorization Agreements to Protect the System

To safeguard the integrity of transactions and commission distribution, VESTATE will implement authorization agreements with sellers. These grant VESTATE exclusive selling rights for a set period (e.g., three months), preventing the property from being sold by anyone else, including the owner, during this period. Authorization agreements will be supported by the web3 infrastructure to the extent permitted by local and global legal regulations, and will provide a safe and transparent transaction process for both the agent and the seller/buyer he/she represents, within the period the document is valid.

All transaction processes, such as title transfers, must be handled exclusively by a VESTATE authorized representative. Property purchase payments happen peer-to-peer between the buyer and seller; Vestate or agent does not participate in that payment systems. Only legal commission fees from the respective countries of the property are collected from the buyer and seller at the legal rate and transferred to the VESTATE account.

VESTATE will ensure transparent and fair distribution of commissions. Additionally, team commission shares will be calculated and transferred to a pooled account for quarterly distribution.

Tiers for Commission Gathering

VESTATE will introduce a tiered system for users improvement and targets. This system will encourage and reward agents based on their sales performance, providing a clear path for increased earnings and career growth within the platform. The only way to reach the upper tiers is to increase sales efforts and excel at individual targets. The growth of the network has no significant contribution to the tier system.

Team Based Recruitment with a Focus on Sales & Labor:

Unlike traditional team schemes that focus on recruitment a new person, VESTATE’s model is fundamentally anchored in actual sales and efforts. Agents are incentivized to bring new agents into the system, but the emphasis remains firmly on property sales rather than mere expansion of the agent network.

This approach ensures that the system is sustainable and value-driven, prioritizing real estate transactions over recruitment numbers.

In the classic team systems, the cost of the product purchased by the last user to join the system is distributed throughout the system. Vestate does not require users to purchase any products or spend money (except for gas fees required by networks) to register in the system. Therefore, there is no pool to be filled with such payments.

Agents can join the system for free, but if they want to earn any platform revenue, they must broker a real estate transaction. This approach prevents unjust gains on the Vestate platform.

Conclusion: A Sustainable and Fair Commission Model

VESTATE's commission and recruitment model is designed to be both sustainable and equitable, aligning the interests of the platform, agents, and brokers. By integrating innovative AI technology and a unique approach to commission distribution, VESTATE stands out in the real estate market as a pioneer of change, offering a transparent, efficient, and fair system that benefits all parties involved in the real estate transaction process.

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