Team Commission Distribution

How does team commission distribution work?

Suppose John has a team of 5 individuals named Bart, Erin, Simon, Brie, and Iris. Let's assume that the team of these 5 individuals continues to grow downward with 5 people each.

  • According to this scheme, John is the broker for Bart, Bart is the broker for Dennis, Dennis is the broker for Emma, and so on.

  • Broker commission can go up to a maximum of 4 individuals. In this example, John can earn a commission directly from Harry, but he cannot earn a commission from the entire team beneath Harry—as John would be the 5th person from top. However as Bart is the 4th layer, Bart can earn commission from Harry’s team.

  • The commission rate given to each layer is not the same. While Harry gives more commission to Emma, less to Dennis, and even less to Bart, there is a narrowing of the commission upwards, indicating a reduction in commission as it goes up.

  • The team commission from Harry's sale is added to Emma's commission. Emma's commission is added to Dennis's, Dennis's to Bart's, and Bart's to John's. So, for example, let's say Bart's own personal commission rate is 1X. A total of 4X was received from the team below him to be forwarded to John's layer, and his total commission reached 5X.

Conditions for Commission Acquisition

Imagine you are one of the team members. To be able to receive these commissions, two stages must be fulfilled:

This is between you, your broker, his/her broker and his/her broker etc.

  1. You must achieve your individual target.

  2. The person from your team from whom you will receive a share must achieve their individual target as well.


Suppose Harry, Emma, Dennis, and John achieved their targets, but Bart did not.

Bart: He cannot receive both the 4X commission from his entire team below him and his individual 1X commission.

John: He receives the commission from the other 4 individuals in his team, along with his individual commission. He cannot receive Bart's individual 1X commission. However, he can receive the 4X commission from Bart's team and downwards.

In this scenario, the only person who faces consequences for not achieving their target is Bart.

Individual commission premiums that could not be obtained due to unmet individual targets accumulate in a pool and are utilized in award systems. Superior performance additional premiums planned throughout the year or quarterly premiums are covered from this pool.

Individual Commission: Quarterly Triumphs

In the dynamic world of Vestate, success is not just a destination; it's a journey marked by quarterly triumphs. The Individual Commission structure is the heartbeat of this journey, where every agent's efforts are celebrated.

Agents embark on a personalized quest, assigned with specific quarterly targets aligned with their level. The road to team commissions weaves through quarterly milestones.

  • In the quest for success, a vigilant eye is kept on performance. Individuals falling short of their individual targets for three consecutive quarters receive a cautionary note. The fourth quarter becomes a crucial juncture – a make-or-break moment. Consequences loom, potentially manifesting as a tier downgrade or, in severe cases, removal from the team. It's a journey that demands resilience, commitment, and continuous growth.

This rule may be changed by the Vestate team based on regional or seasonal factors.

Team Commission: Harvesting Collective Success

The journey doesn't end with commissions; it ascends to new heights through the Tier System. This strategic framework opens doors to planned training sessions, each tier offering a unique perspective on growth.

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