$VES Token

At Vestate, we're at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology to revolutionize the real estate industry with our bespoke token, $VES.

In essence, $VES is much more than a token; it's the heartbeat of Vestate. It symbolizes our commitment to a smoother, more transparent, and unified approach to real estate transactions. We're redefining the entire real estate experience!

Discover how $VES is set to transform your experience on our platform:

Seamless Commission Distribution

Earn your commissions effortlessly through the blockchain system. We use a blend of stable and native tokens, including $VES, to ensure a transparent and straightforward commission distribution process. This blockchain-based system guarantees that your hard-earned earnings are delivered with clarity and precision.

  • In Vestate, properties are valued and listed in fiat money. Property purchase payments happen peer-to-peer between the buyer and seller in fiat money, using the method preferred by the parties. Vestate or agent does not participate in that payment process. $VES token is used as a utility token only in total commission distributions between brokers.

Staking for Additional Service Privileges

Dive into a unique property listing experience on Vestate. By staking $VES tokens, you gain access to additional diverse services easier and open the door to special offers.

  • All property listing within the Vestate Platform will be conducted by free. However, you can increase the visibility of your lists by increasing their visibility and reach more people, and you can unlock the utility by staking $VES for this extra service requests.

  • Special agent discounts in site-ads payments for the platform are offered only to users who stake $VES tokens.

  • In addition to the standard benefits of your tier, extra benefits are unlocked only to those who stake $VES tokens.

This staking mechanism underpins the security and simplicity of engaging with our platform, making every transaction smooth and secure.

Unified Ecosystem with $VES

The sales targets and inputs provided to the ecosystem by agents and other stakeholders who are token users in the ecosystem through $VES, the utility token of the Vestate Platform, contribute to the development of the platform as well as their individual income. In this context, $VES token cannot be considered a security.

  • The $VES token is the cornerstone of our ecosystem and community. It's not just a digital currency; it's the unifying force that streamlines operations, from upgraded services to distributing commissions.

  • $VES token unifies the Vestate ecosystem, creating a harmonious, consistent and efficient platform.

  • The benefits provided by $VES token utilities also guarantee the sustainability of the platform's improvement systems.

In a nutshell, $VES isn't just a token – it's the key to a smoother, more transparent, and unified Vestate experience. Our core value that makes us who we are is that Vestate is not just a service platform but also a community that is wholeheartedly connected to each other.

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