Team Commission System

Team Brilliance: Crafting Collaborative Networks

Vestate's Team Commission System, revolutionizes the traditional real estate landscape by empowering Vestagents to amplify their impact. This innovative system operates on the principle of team building, allowing agents to create hierarchical structures and expand their influence.

Participation in The Team Commission System

In order for a new agent to start selling, it is sufficient to become a member of Vestate; there is no obligation to join a team. To be participate in the team commission system, it is enough to register in the system with one Vestate agent's reference or to start building your own team as a reference to someone. In both options, no entrance fee is requested from anyone.

Participating in the system does not require a realtor license or upfront capital. The sustainability of the model depends on the team's efforts and contributions to the Vestate system, not on increasing the number of people in the teams. This approach allows people to focus not on growth but on sustainable values such as efficient work and labor.

Commission Distribution Logic: Collaborative Success

The essence of this system lies in commission distribution. In a direct sales scenario, Vestate retains a portion of total commission for operational support, the frontline agent or agents receives their share, and the brokers gets their cut. However, the system evolves when collaboration comes into play. For instance, if John recruits Mary, both John and Mary receive their respective shares from Mary's sale, illustrating the team's collaborative success.

Hierarchical Structure

With Vestate's Team Commission System, agents can form teams of up to five individuals, unlocking opportunities for exponential growth. Each team member becomes a building block for success, contributing to the achievements of the entire team. This hierarchical structure enables agents to extend their influence and leverage the success of their team for prosperity.

Commission Limits and Advancements: Beyond Sales Metrics

This section explains the logic behind the distribution of team spares in the sales commission system.

  • An individual (Vestagent) can expand their commission network by adding other individuals to the system.

  • The person who adds someone to the team system becomes the broker for that person.

  • Each person can have a maximum of 5 individuals in their team, meaning they can include a designated number of agents in their system which will vary on Vestate’s decision by the help of fairness in the crowd.

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