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Pioneering a Global Real Estate Revolution: Forward-thinking real estate enterprise!

In this period when we see the early signs of Real Estate 3.0, which will enable creative solutions to issues related to the affordability and accessibility of real estate, web3 infrastructure and blockchain systems offer the power the industry needs. The fact that the target audience's habits such as mental models, lifestyle, ownership understanding and income model expectations begin to change with the new generation lays the foundations of the revolution in the real estate sector. While it is not possible for anyone to give a clear answer to the question of when this period, which is expected to be reshaped, will mature and move towards the center of the sector; VESTATE stands as a beacon of change, challenging the status quo and ushering in a new era of international real estate transactions to create the revolution the industry needs to usher in Real Estate 3.0.

As Vestate, we are honestly aware that in order to change the understanding of ownership on a mass basis, it is necessary to first ensure the evolution and adaptation to society of proptechs that will be implemented around these concepts. The evolution of proptechs, which will come to life around these concepts first, must be completed to see practical ownership models that better align with interests through new avenues and unlock access for clear, new participants.

At this point, VESTATE is crafting an unprecedented future in the realm of real estate!

As the first of its kind, our platform is set to become the pioneer in international real estate, offering a unique, borderless marketplace for property sales and rentals. We goes beyond conventional boundaries, creating a space where agents, buyers, and sellers from around the globe connect seamlessly with team collaboration, protection and fair distribution of agent commissions at its core.

Let's take action now to become one of the early adopters!


At vestate we value your efforts and PROTECT them with Blockchain!

At the heart of VESTATE lies a global market and commission tokenization system that can be implemented today, instead of RWA tokenization. Our platform builds a bridge to the future of real estate from today. When the conditions for real estate 3.0 reach the necessary maturity, where the concept of ownership is recreated thanks to RWA tokenization, VESTATE will be ready to provide the global marketplace service that both web2 real estate companies and web3 real estate projects will need!

VESTATE, an AI-powered proptech platform, offers a groundbreaking SaaS service model that not only secures agent commissions but also innovates their shareability through tokenization, utilizing Web3 technology. This approach ensures that every participant in the real estate transaction—even if they are not a licensed real estate agent—is fairly compensated, honoring their contribution in a transparent and efficient manner.

VESTATE is more than a platform; it's a commitment to revolutionize the real estate industry on a global scale. We are dedicated to building a marketplace that is not only expansive and technologically advanced but also fair and equitable. In our goal of shaping the future, we have embraced both the web2 and web3 real estate sectors. Join us as we pave the way for a new standard in international real estate, where every deal is a step towards a more transparent, accessible, and just real estate world.

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