Global Real Estate Outlook

Real estate continues to be, far and away, the largest asset class in the world. It accounts for two-thirds of global net worth and still dominates modern wealth.

We're entering a period of robust growth in global real estate investment, projected to reach $1.7 trillion in the latter half of 2023. This signifies a vibrant market, ripe for innovative solutions like VESTATE.

Rental Growth:

A significant increase in global rental growth is anticipated, averaging 8.1% in 2H 2023. This trend, particularly in office and industrial spaces, aligns well with VESTATE's platform, which aims to streamline and enhance these high-demand segments.

Net Absorption:

With a projected growth in net absorption to 5.4%, driven by logistics and data center spaces, VESTATE is strategically positioned to capitalize on these expanding market segments.

Leasing Recovery:

The expected improvement in global leasing recovery, moving to -4.9%, is an indicator of the growing demand for flexible workspace options – a segment where VESTATE can offer significant value.

* This global real estate outlook includes data for the 2H of 2023.

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