Sales Commission System

EXAMPLE SCENARIO: Suppose a property sale in Cyprus with a 15% commission rate and there is a house priced at £100,000. The total commission is £15,000. How do we distribute the commission in Vestate?


In a straightforward sale by an agent, the commission is divided among three parties:

  • A fixed 10% percentage is allocated to VESTATE. Therefore Vestate gets £1500.

  • The agent who directly facilitates the sale receives 50% of the commission, meaning £7500.

  • The remaining portion, %40 of the commission, is allocated to the broker overseeing the transaction. The broker gets £6000.

The percentages in the scenarios are exemplified to better understand the commission distribution logic and are not definitive.

This percentages change incrementally as their revenue thresholds which will be designated by Vestate and may vary due to conditions of the season and the market.

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