AI-Driven Proptech Innovation

Leverage the power of cutting-edge AI technology seamlessly integrated into the real estate ecosystem. Vestate transforms property transactions, staking experience into an intelligent, efficient, and secure experience.

Inclusive Platform for Property Transactions

With Vestate, users have the ability to list or explore properties worldwide, breaking free from local limitations. Whether buying or selling, access localized expertise merged with global intelligence for a comprehensive understanding of diverse real estate markets. A truly borderless real estate experience that brings transparency and accessibility to the forefront of the industry, is at your service.

Sales Commission Revolution

Vestate introduces a game-changer sales commission system, empowering not just real estate agents but anyone facilitating property transactions to earn commissions. This inclusive approach reshapes the dynamics of the real estate commission landscape.

Team Commission Dynamics

Discover the potential of team collaboration with Vestate's team commission system. Build and lead teams to maximize earnings through an affiliate commission structure, fostering a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Individual and Team Recognition

Celebrate achievements and milestones with Vestate's recognition system. Individual targets, team collaboration, and tier goals are acknowledged and rewarded, fostering a culture of success and continuous improvement.

Educational Tier System

Elevate your knowledge and skills through Vestate's tier system. As you progress, unlock exclusive training sessions tailored to your tier, offering insights ranging from sales strategies to advanced leadership techniques.

VestMap Staking for Additional Utilities

VestMap, Vestate's native token staking system, bridges the standart and extra utilities. Staking $VES token provides users using the Vestate platform with various strategic and developmental advantages within the platform.

Safety and Security Assurance

Trust in Vestate's commitment to safety. The platform undergoes rigorous audits to ensure the security of user transactions and data, providing a robust and reliable environment for all users.

Community Growth and Support

Join a thriving community of property enthusiasts, investors, and collaborators. Vestate's community-driven approach ensures that every participant contributes to the growth and success of the platform.

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