How to Bridge Your VES Tokens?

Vestate, whose main chain is Ethereum, has 3 multichains: BNB Chain, Arbitrum and Polygon. You can bridge you tokens via official website.

Here is how you do it:

1- Visit the Bridge Page:

Click on the “Bridge” in the top-bar of the website and select "Go to Bridge" from the list that opens. You will be redirected to the official bridge website where you can bridge your tokens.

2- Connect Your Wallet:

Click on “Connect Wallet” button on the up right. Connect your wallet via MetaMask, Phantom, Rabby or Brave.

!!! Make sure that you are on the network where your tokens are located.

3- Click on the Transfer Button:

On the page that opens, you will see the "registered chains" section below the token information. This section contains the chains through which VES Token can be bridged.

Your token amount appears in the balance section of the chain where the VES token in your wallet is located.

Click the “Transfer” button next to the balance amount in the chain you want to bridge.

4- Select the Chain You Want to Transfer:

Please click on the chain labeled "to" in that red-marked section.

Then select the chain you want to bridge from the drop-down list.

5- Input the Token Amount to Transfer:

In the "Enter your amount to transfer" line, input the amount of tokens you want to bridge.

6- Transfer your Tokens:

After entering the token amount, Click on the “Transfer Button”.

7- Approve the Transaction:

A transaction approval notification will appear in the opened wallet window. Click on “Approve” to approve the transaction to confirm the bridge.

!! Important

This step is crucial for the secure transfer of your VES tokens.

8- Wait Until the Bridging Process is Confirmed:

While the transfer is being confirmed, you will see a screen like the one below. The transfer process takes a long time, please wait patiently. NEVER CLOSE OR REFRESH the page until you see a message confirming the transaction.

!! Important

If you close or refresh the page before the transfer process is confirmed, your bridge process cannot be completed successfully.


In case of a loss of tokens due to the interruption of the process because you closed/refreshed the page, the project contractors cannot be held liable for this situation in any way.

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